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It’s time to be creative !

With the information gathered in the Look phase, we can imagine solutions that are fit to our users needs.


With the insights gathered during the interviews and observations, we are able to find new solutions that could solve the key problems identified. The imagine step is when we need to get creative and generate as many ideas as possible before selecting and building the ones that are adapted to our users needs.

Imagine Activities


Based on your point of view, write or draw as many ideas as possible on sticky notes.  Then, discuss them in teams, build on each other’s ideas and generate new ones together. Keep in mind that in this step we are looking for quantity over quality, that crazy ideas are encouraged and that critics are to be avoided.

Select Ideas

Evaluate the ideas generated and select the best ones or combine them. Try to select both feasible and desirable solutions. Think how you might make the most desirable idea real. Draw the chosen concept showing how they work for the user.

Create a mock-up

Build a tangible representation of the selected solution using low-cost materials. Be quick, the lo-fi prototype should only feature the main functionalities of the idea. Gather feedback from others and analyze what can be improve before building the hi-fi prototype.

Outcome of the imagine phase : drawing of the idea & mock-up

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