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Now, we are finally able to start exploring!

Let’s meet the users and learn from them to be able to find a solution adapted to their needs.


Before starting having ideas, we need to understand the general picture and the key points regarding the challenge. For that, we have to meet the problem owners, be empathic and learn from their experience. With the information gathered we are able to understand their point of view and solve the challenge in a goal-oriented way.

Look Activities


Identify the problem owners and observe them in their context, if possible in the situation where they face the challenge (at home, in the streets, etc.). Watch their behaviors, attitudes and struggles, take notes and pictures.


Formulate the questions to ask the users, meet them in their context. The interviews can be done through video chat applications, voice calls, by phone or face-to-face. Ask them open-ended question, and as many “why’s” as possible. Take notes, and if they allow, record it and take pictures.

Point of view

Gather the data, share what you have learned about the people’s problems and formulate a point of view:

“[user] needs to [user’s need] because / but [insight].”

Outcome of the Look phase : user’s point of view

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