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The making part has arrived!

With the idea defined, we can now bring it to life by building our prototype.


Prototyping is not just a way of representing physically our solution, but also a very effective tool to test our idea with the users, and communicate and demonstrate how does it work to our public. With the feedback from the users, we can improve our concept and bring it to life by using digital fabrication techniques, DIY crafting or app prototyping.

Make & Try Activities


Think about how can you bring your solution to life. Imagine different shapes & configurations. Design the components always thinking about how you are going to build it. You can make your prototype through web applications, using cardboard or even by reusing materials with the help of an adult.


Imagine & plan how are you going to bring your idea to life and build it by using DIY crafting techniques, digital fabrication, app prototyping or a combination of them.

Test & Iterate

Test you first version of the prototype with the users, if possible within the context they will be using it at. Following their feedback, adapt, improve and validate a second version of the prototype with them. Finally, make your prototype look cool!

Outcome of the Make & Try phase : functional prototype

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