The making part arrived!

With the idea defined, we can now bring it to life by building a functional prototype.


Prototyping is an effective way to communicate and test our ideas. With a first feedback from the users, we can improve our concept and bring it to life by using digital fabrication techniques, DIY crafting, and/or app prototyping.

Make & Try Activities


Think about how you can bring your solution to life. Design the components following how you are going to build it. If needed, use 2D and 3D software to be able to apply the digital fabrication techniques you have chosen.


With different digital fabrication techniques combined with DIY crafting, bring your idea to life. Use 3D printing, last cutting, Arduino, CNC, and also manual techniques in order to build a functional prototype.

Test & Iterate

Bring your prototype and test it with the users in context. Following their feedback, adapt, improve and validate it. Finally, make your prototype look cool!

Software skills:

3D : SketchUp, Tinker Cad ; 2D : Inkscape, Illustrator ; Code : mBlock, Arduino

Outcome of the Make & Try phase : functional prototype

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