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We are almost done!

Share your idea and the prototype in the final event.


Once our project is finished and the prototype is built, it is time to communicate it to the others. By sharing, we can see the impact of the idea we had, gather feedback and reflect on the project process.

Share Activities

Tell the project story

Through a visual format (ppt, video, poster, role play, …) tell a story about the user and how you solved their problem. Think outside of the box and the power point format.


In your teams, discuss how the project went and what you have learned : what went well, what you could do better next time, what skills you have developed, etc.


Expose your idea : prepare the final presentation following the chosen format. Show your prototype, explain how it works and let people interact with it. Share it with the different people involved in the challenge.

Outcome of the Share phase : visual presentation

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